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Monday, August 1, 2011

Better feedback with Informer

I've disabled comments for most blog posts, as I've created an account at Informer.  So from today, you can provide feedback by either going to the link at the top right of the page (Feedback, Support & Bugs), or click the orange feedback tab on the left of the page.  Both will take you to UMet's Informer space where I can better track what's going on, rather than monitoring comments across multiple pages.

My hope is that in the end this will mean faster responses to UMet users, as well as providing you with a better tool to find similar questions which may have already been answered.

So head over to UMet's Informer space and let me know what you think :-)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

UMet 2.3 released

Following a query from a UMet user, it has been confirmed that Internode calculates data volumes using a denominator of 1000 rather than 1024.  As such, I've updated the meter to reflect this view and reduce confusion.

Download using the link on the download page.

UMet 2.2 released

This release can be downloaded from the, you guessed it, Download page.

This release has a few small changes, as detailed below.
  • Values in the flyout, should now be rounded to two decimal places where appropriate.  As JPyke pointed out "Currently I have downloaded 3.5500000000000007Gb, which is I think is probably a few too many decimal places. ;-)"
  • Clicking the gadget while the flyout is open, now closes the flyout.
If you experience any problems with this release, please leave a comment.  Enhancements and suggestions are always welcome on the Feature & Enhancement Request page.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Feature & Enhancement Requests

This page has been discontinued. Please direct all feedback to UMet's Informer space

Monday, December 14, 2009


  1. When I enter my account details, the service wheel just keeps spinning.
  2. Can you please support a different ISP.
  3. Does the gadget auto-update when new versions are available?
  4. McAffee reports a VBS/Psyme trojan.  Are you trying to hack me?
  5. The service dropdown says "Authoristaion Required" in the configuration window.

When I enter my account details, the service wheel just keeps spinning.
This is a bit of a mystery.  Where I have seen this, it usually resolves itself in a couple of days.  So if you do see it, just leave it, and try again tomorrow.

Can you please support a different ISP.
In short, no. I simply don't have time to muck about with trying to support an ISP I have no personal interest in. Add to that the fact that with no account I can't test, and won't be asking for other people's usernames and passwords. Having said that, the full source code is available in the gadget, and if you want to add support, simply replicate the Internode.js class, creating the same methods for your own ISP. So while I won't do it, feel free to do it yourself.

Does the gadget auto-update when new versions are available?
When a new version is available, a download link is displayed, as detailed in the "Overview" page. Clicking the link should download and install the update.

McAffee reports a VBS/Psyme trojan.  Are you trying to hack me?
It's a false positive. Reviewing the VBS/Psyme trojan indicates that it creates unwanted files on your computer. As the gadget doesn't copy/create any files once installed, it's a false report.  Source code is open for anyone to check.  No other virus scanners have a problem with it.

The service dropdown says "Authoristaion Required" in the configuration window.
Have you only just signed up or changed accounts? It can take several days before the node usage system know about you. To test, point your browser to If after you've put your username and pwd into it, it returns results, you should be good to go. If you still have problems, let me know.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Version 2.1 Released

UMet 2.1 has been released!

Download UMet  (It appears that some versions of Internet Explorer now download this as a zip file, rather than a gadget file.  If so, save it, then rename the file from to NetUsage.gadget.  Double click it and it should install.  If anyone knows a workaround to force IE to download it correctly, please let me know!)

2.1 is a Bug fix release, with the following changes:

  • Flyout correctly calculates average used on rollover date.
  • Last twelve month graph no longer sums data with current month from previous year.

Please provide feedback via the comments.

Saturday, February 2, 2002

UMet Overview

UMet is a Windows 7/Vista gadget for monitoring usage of your bandwidth allowance.
In its standard gadget mode, it's a small, unobtrusive meter, while still offering a wealth of information including:

  1. your account name
  2. the percentage of quote used
  3. how far into your current billing cycle you are
  4. new version available for download (click to install)

When your usage exceeds the billing period, ie you've used 70% of your bandwidth quota in 50% of your billing period, the bar changes to orange.  When you're over quota, the bar changes to red.

The optiosn window allows you to configure the meter.
  • Title: The text at the top of the meter,  In the above examples, it would be "My Work Plan".
  • Username: Your username you use to connect to your internet service.
  • Password:  The password you use to connect to your internet service.
  • Service: Once the username and password are filled in, all services your account has access to will be listed in the drop down box.  Choose the required one.
  • ISP:  Only Internode is currently supported. 
 Once all options have been completed, click OK.

More Info

By clicking on the meter, you are presented with a flyout window, showing usage details, as well as charts detailing your usage over the past thirty days, and twelve months.  

  Clicking the "more.." link, will display additional details relating to your service.